And honestly fucking KILLED it.
  1. I'll start u guys off easy
  2. The sight of sparky's anonymous naked ass pointing straight at me was intriguing to say the least. Unfortunately I had dinner plans with my sweet 90 year old grandmother that I couldn't reschedule (I bailed on her the week before for different anon sex tbh).
    Lol jk all my grandparents are dead
  3. Can't remember what this guy said but Wow he stopped me dead in my fucking tracks with this look.
  4. Honestly, these parents seem like they'd be hot. Get at me dilfs!
  5. We ended up sleeping together
  6. Interestingly, my roomie and I were camping in the middle of Texas when I received this pleasant correspondence. Made it thru alive though, surprisingly.
  7. Jman here got a little testy when his dick pic failed to impress.
  8. Only every day.
  9. Plot twist: hooked up w every single one of them!