Esp. concerning my new residency in Los Angeles.
  1. Making friends after college.
    Why does this feel like dating? Why do I kind of hate everyone?
  2. What is Equinox?
    Is it like a normal gym? Google says it's a "temple of well being." Should I be concerned for friends who join? How do I join?
  3. People take pool SO seriously.
    I'm drunk. You're gonna win. Chill out.
  4. Putting baby pics on tinder.
    Or Grindr. Like... dude. (I GUESS it makes sense if you're ugly now but were cute as a baby.)
  5. Nobody in LA talks about the drought.
    "Ew it's so rainy" - me
  6. Bathrooms with the light on the outside.
    I have trust issues don't do this to me.
  7. Everyone tries to seem like a really good, wholesome person on social media.
    What's wrong with being a bad person?? I'm a bad person like 65% of the time *at least* and idgaf.
  8. Why does my straight best friend love sending me dick snaps?
    Then when I snap him back with my own he takes screenshots. What gives, right? Gonna have to keep an eye on him.
  9. Having a Bachelor's Degree and no fucking clue how to do taxes.
    I lived in 3 states this year, help a girl out!
  10. How do these "Free STD Check" companies afford all these damn billboards?