Biggest Lies You Were Ever Told

Just a couple lies I remember being told, that I haven't gotten over..
  1. You will only use cursive after the 4th grade.
    Most adults can't even read cursive and almost every job / college hand writing scenario requires you to write in print.
  2. Pit bulls are dangerous dogs.
    This is so ignorant, it's frustrating. Get the facts; hundreds of people are killed in their sleep by chihuahuas every year.
  3. Teachers will like you more if you sit in the front row.
    When, in actuality, the teachers even think your annoying.
  4. The more extracurricular activities you do, the more colleges are going to want you.
    I wasted so many thousands of hours swimming in a pool, thinking it was helping my future.
  5. Smoking weed kills your brain cells
    This might actually be true...
  6. Eating spinach will make you stronger.
    Just the shits
  7. When teachers say that they can always tell when your cheating.
    They can never tell
  8. Wait an hour after eating before swimming or else you'll get sick
  9. Smoking an e cigarette (aka vape) is a cool way to make friends.
    Stop smoking capes. Their fucking gross and weird.