How to Travel for Super Cheap and Not Be an Asshole

Are you a broke ass college kid? Are you a broke ass college drop out? Do you wish you knew how to travel without being an asshole? Here's a couple dumb tips on how to travel like a pro with a wallet that's pretty much empty.
  1. Eat Cheap
    Buy a 12 pack of cup of noodle for two bucks, all gas stations will give you free hot water if you ask. Bon Appetit! If your planning a bike tour trip, I will be posting a different list on essential food that is lightweight and nutritious)
  2. Pack light, shop at thrift stores
    When traveling, it's so much better to not have what you need that to carry a thousand things you never end up using. I left across America in two t shirts, one jacket, one pair of shorts, and three underwears. If you end up needing more, just find a thrift store to get what you need.
  3. Semi free showers:
    Be sneaky, get free showers. There are KOA sites all over the country that almost always offer free showers for their guests. It's extremely easy to drive in, get a free clean, and leave without anyone noticing.
  4. Buy a small coffee/beer/ice cream every place you visit
    Don't waste your money on anything that doesn't give you chance to indulge into the uniqueness of the community. Every single small town is a little bit different, grabbing a cheap cup of coffee from a local cafe is a great way experience the it's uniqueness.
  5. Take pictures, but don't be a fucking gimmick poster for Instagram
    Although you will fool a lot of people, anyone who actually travels or camps can very obviously see that your a bullshitter if your trying convince the world that you live a hashtag camp vibes lifestyle. Let this be a special time separate yourself from the shallow opinion of you social media followers and enjoy the world around you.
  6. Sleep in you car, not a hotel
    Finding a good spot to park your car is not an easy task. You want to park somewhere beautiful and isolated yet you don't want to accidentally park on somebody's property (especially not east of California, where EVERYONE carries a fucking gun like its no big deal). Good areas that generally are easier to find places to pull off and sleep are on mountain tops, where there are lots of scenic pull outs, and by rivers, where the public would be able to access the water.
  7. Try to avoid paying for a campsite
    There are so many places that you can pull over and set up a tent without anyone caring AS LONG as you DO NOT set up a fire pit. Camping fees are basically fifteen dollar fire permits. The possible exception to this rule is certain national parks that are crowded with people and rangers who think they're cops.
  8. Leave no trace
    Wherever you camp, ALWAYS clean up your shit. Don't be the asshole who leaves beer cans and cigarette buds for nature to choke on. People like that are the reason it's so hard to set up camp wherever we want.
  9. "Couch surf" when your visiting a city
    City are hard to amerce your self into if you don't know anyone. Couch surfing is a excellent way to meet people, find out where the cool spots are, and sleep and eat for free. I promise, it's NOT sketchy. In some cases, it's the safest way to travel. Create a free account at
  10. Take advantage of the hot tubs and pools at motels. Not only are they refreshing, but sometimes they're the closest thing to a shower that you'll be able to find to a shower.
  11. Carry a water bottle
    Stop buying bottled water! It's a scam, and it's bad for the environment. Carry a water bottle and refill it everywhere you go.
  12. Great things that you might not think to bring with you are:
    - Binoculars - Hammock - Walkie-Talkies (because they're so fucking fun) - Bug Net (for your sleeping face on buggy nights) - Disposable camera - National Park Pass
  13. Buy a cheap book from a used book store, throw it away when your done
    It doesn't matter if it's shitty, a book gives you something to think about. If it's awful, don't feel obligated to finish it, just buy another one; you never know when you might find a gem.