Things Californians Dont Realize About the Rest of Their Country

I'm riding my bike across America and I'm learning that California is extremely different from the rest of the United States in ways I never would have imagined.
  1. People walk around with guns.
    Like... Actual guns! All the time! And it's totally normal
  2. Weed is soooooo fucking illegal
    I almost got arrested because I had a tobacco pipe in my car that had apparently at one time been used to smoke weed out of (not by me) because some drug dog claimed to smell it. He took my entire bag, saying it was a part of drug paraphernalia (I haven't even seen weed in months)
  3. People are really really really racist
    I had a waiter last night that said "the Indians around here are awful, they're basically the blacks of South Dakota."
  4. Everyone thinks their a Christian.
    I was at a rodeo last week (I know, wtf) with thousands of people and the announcer decided to lead the whole crowd in a word of prayer before the event began. I swear there was not a single person who did not bow their head and close their eyes for the prayer (except me of course, I'm a pathological peeker). Immediately after the prayer was over, girls came riding down waving the Budweiser flag! It's so American
  5. Gas is so cheap
    So far I've seen it as low as $2.32