Favorite Albums

Warning: lots of Beatles
  1. Abbey Road
    Best. Album. Ever.
  2. Help!
    Always listen to it while cleaning or doing homework.
  3. White Album
    Especially While My Guitar Gently Weeps and I'm So Tired
  4. Wingspan
    Paul McCartney
  5. 5sos
  6. Imagine Dragons Night Visions
    I'm on top of the world
  7. Imagine Dragons Smoke + Mirrors
    Helped me through a lot of tough times
  8. One Republic Native
    Really like this one as well.
  9. John Lennon Power To The People
    Favorite Beatle and favorite artist of all time
  10. Best of Bowie
    I miss him❤️
  11. NEW
    his concert is amazing
  12. Bridget Mendler
    First album I ever bought
  13. Sargent Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band
    Day in the Life
  14. Live at the BBC
    Interviews and songs with the Beatles