Things I found while cleaning my room

  1. Two scrap books
  2. Giant jar of pennies
  3. Broken crayon tips
  4. Ken in a Barbie dress
    Because my childhood mind was a wacky place
  5. $20 bill
    Whoop whoop🎉
  6. Participation awards in middle school sports
  7. Assorted feminine items
    I think I found like eight tampons and three liners
  8. The box to my Hermione wand
  9. CVS stuffed animals my parents would get me for Valentine's Day
  10. American girl dolls
    Two in the top of my closet
  11. Blanket I used to play with as a baby
  12. Deodorant
  13. Bras that are not mine
    Oh mother
  14. Birthday cards collected from the years