Weird things I like about people

First impressions and what not (feel free to add on!!!)
  1. Blue eyes
    Sadly I do not have them
  2. Nerdy obsessions with old stuff
    Sci-fi movies, album covers, classic books...
  3. Sarcasm
    Deeply connects with me
  4. British accents
    Bloody brilliant
  5. Calming personalities
    Just go with the flow
  6. Humbleness
    Ugh do not like people who brag
  7. Poetic souls
    Not hipsters in a coffee shop but true writers at heart
  8. Eyebrows
    Naturally beautiful and makeup-free
  9. Thoughts/words connecting
    Jinx! You owe me a soda
  10. Laugh
    Not forced but full out obnoxious
  11. Kindness towards other people
    And towards other animals. Vegetarians unite!!!!!
  12. Perfer tea over coffee
    Sorry starbucks
  13. Beatles T-Shirts
    I will automaticity like you