5 Reasons Why I will never publicly endorse Hillary Clinton for President.

For some reason, Hillary Clinton has received a pass and overwhelming support from every demographic that has been negatively affected by her political career. I refuse to vote against my interests for sake of party or because she's successfully pandered to women and minorities while throwing them under a political bus.
  1. 1994 Crime Bill, "Super Predators"
    I know she didn't vote for the Crime Bill, and I wouldn't have fault her for doing so, but the verbiage she used in support of the bill validated the dehumanizing nature on which law enforcement approached the black community.
  2. 1996 Welfare Reform
    Her Welfare Reform that she championed made struggling mothers chose between having a man in the house or keeping their benefits. Also, it made single mothers work in order to keep to their benefits which left millions of children going without a decent home-cooked meal, someone to help with their homework, and keep them from going astray. Nor to mention, she did this while she sat on the board at Walmart which cashes in on a overwhelming amount of food stamps.
  3. Iraq, Libya, Haiti, Syria, and every other foreign conflict.
    She's supported every foreign conflict without discrimination. As Secretary of State she's left multiple countries destabilized with a economy that would be crippled for generations.
  4. Trade Agreements
    If there's one thing we've learned from the release of all her emails is that she has supported every trade agreement, if not publicly by lobbying for them behind closed doors.
  5. Everything She Says is Full of Shit
    She used 9/11 to justify accepting contributions from Wall Street. She refuses to release the transcripts from the speeches she gave to Goldman Sachs until everybody else does when she's the only candidate that has given private speeches to any of the big banks. She points out how she's been fighting for women and family for over 30 years without pointing out anything that she's done that has positively affected either.