Fictional Characters I Strongly Identify With

  1. April Ludgate: Parks and Rec
    I also put on a "I can't be hurt if I dont show I care" attitude
  2. Kitty Foreman: That 70's Show
    We both are somehow responsible and irresponsible at the same time
  3. Shannon: Lost
    As young women we are both often misunderstood and underestimated by everyone including herself. Actually has some of the most useful skills of the entire group.
  4. Gina: Brooklyn Nine Nine
    Besides the fact that we're both dancers she also has a sense of humor that thrives on the uncomfortableness of others and is as confident as all women should be!
  5. Mindy Lahiri: The Mindy Project
    Mindy gets herself into bad situations but still manages to be a boss and not let it ruin her life. I'm glad I'm more like mindy now can keep moving forward regardless of what happens and wish I was more like her in high school
  6. Gail: Last Man on Earth
    She understands she has no control of making life better and focuses on what makes her happy, but she also will put her opinions aside to help others who don't understand that most things don't matter.