The more I learn and grow the more I find so many things that I would love to do in my life
  1. Art (specifically printmaking)
    This is the degree I'm actually working on
  2. Sex Education
    Would there be anything more rewarding that teaching the youth such needed information?
  3. Whatever degrees would make me a gynecologist
    See above: so rewarding and such a necessary profession
  4. Midwifery
    Probably going to find a way to do this one at some point
  5. Creative writing
    Actually just bought a book on screen play writing, but I would also love to be an author (memoir and children's books specifically)
  6. Film
    I'd love to be the creative director behind music videos
  7. Religion and religious studies
    Not religious myself but am so fascinated in it
  8. Woman and gender studies
    Again just something I'm endlessly fascinated with
  9. Advertising
    Probably will work some of this into my current degree tbh
  10. Culinary arts
    I love to bake and cook but just don't have enough time to commit to it
  11. Makeup artistry
    It's such an art and I love teaching myself and would love to have this expierience