In honor of her birthday today ✨
  1. She is a 5th grade teacher
    Being in her classroom makes me feel warm and soft because I can tell she is the kind of teacher every 5th grader would love to have. She adores her kids and is full of stories about them.
  2. She is secretly very artistic and creative
    She went to school for graphic design and worked on newspapers in her 20s and 30s. She knows a ton about fonts, color, layout, and design but never flaunts it. Until she makes you amazing valentines day cards and helps you pick out tattoo fonts and commandeers your middle school science project poster board.
  3. She gives advice from a place of love, compassion, and experience
    My mom had her #days when she was younger and as a result has seen all kinds of shit. She will not judge you for the shit you're in.
  4. She is so kind and gets along with everyone
    My friends have always loved my mom. Check-out people love my mom. Any person who comes in regular contact w her loves my mom, because she is kind and warm and will always talk to you and be nice.
  5. She pays attention to people
    She always has a genuine interest in you, no matter who you are. This extends to people that are often ignored or treated like shit--my mom taught me to be nice and friendly to everyone, but especially bus drivers, cleaning staff, receptionists, anyone involved in serving you food, your nurse and dental hygienist, etc etc. Every day when the mail gets dumped in our mail slot she yells "thank you!!" because she thinks our mailman can hear her.
  6. She is convinced that her two cats understand her when she speaks in complex sentences
    She is honestly probably right
  7. She loves my friends and they all think she is awesome
    She has a group text with my roommates that I'm not even part of
  8. She always knows what is best for me before I do
    My mom has predicted every major life decision before I made it. She has identified every toxic person I have let into my life well before the relationship actually blew up. She will occasionally drop analyses of my personality and psychology into casual conversation that are always very accurate and based entirely on some quirk she observed in me when I was a child.
  9. Despite this, she always supports me and lets me make my own decisions
    Whatever my plan is, even if she knows it won't work out or I will change my mind later, she's on board 100%. Even if she doesn't understand at first, she trusts me.
  10. She loves me so much and is so proud of me
    Sometimes I get stressed out by how unconditionally she loves and supports me. She loves tells her friends about my weird theater projects, how cool it is that I work as a sex educator, how proud she is that I am involved in queer life at school--a million things that other parents would hate to see their kid doing. No matter what, she is so happy about whatever makes me happy.
  11. In summary, my mom is so beautiful and really cool