Inspired by @nantea et al. This was hard because I don't really save pics from the Internet to my phone so these are all just... Pictures from my life
  1. Nice
  2. No one emailed me
  3. I wear almost this exact outfit like once a week
  4. Took this when I was trying not to have a panic attack in the stairwell of the arts center on campus
  5. "What's in my bag?"
  6. Transcendent day in late summer
  7. Rejected Instagram
  8. One of my fave poems on a tea towel
  9. Illustration from this bizarre book of 19th century lesbian erotica written in the style of Sappho that I wrote about for a class
  10. "Do you think the people at CVS know we're high?" -me to my friend at 2am after buying all of this
  11. It me
  12. Lake Michigan is my mom and I love her
  13. Took myself to lunch alone so I could think about Hamlet
  14. At the Art Institute of Chicago
  15. Button on my backpack, if u wanna talk shit about capitalism hmu
  16. Deep same
  17. Triple aesthetic whammy: my room (note CA flag and Vagina Monologues poster on wall), my phone case (glitter nail polish DIY), and my eyebrows
  18. I used to work at an art museum and just took pics of cool art all the time I was on shift
  19. Marx & Foucault, part of every sensible woman's boudoir
  20. "Much like myself" is the only joke I ever make and it's only funny like the first three times you hear it
  21. This is what I think I look like all the time
  22. Best snapchat I've ever gotten