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I couldn't live with out these people. I would take a bullet for them
  1. Keeley
    Her and I with snapchat filters
  2. Erika
    We have been best friends for over a year. I literally couldn't breath without her
  3. Alex B
    Know her years and she always can make me smile
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  1. Percy Jackson and the Lightening Theif
    @harpjudge understands she read my copy ten times and accidentally ripped off the cover
  2. The Selection
    I'm a sucker for romance
  3. My Side of The Mountain
  1. My uncle made me this a couple years ago and I just found it
  2. Me and my best friend cause we are really weird
  3. My most liked insta photo fun fact
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  1. The 100
    3x07 and 3x09
  2. That's it I'm still really mad about it
  1. Listening to Next To Normal
  2. listening tO NEXT TO NORMAL
  3. This tweet
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I'm in school. I don't wanna be.
  1. Drinking tea
  2. Napping
  3. Reading
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  1. Peter Pan
  2. Troy Bolton
  3. Alex Russo
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This will be kinda spoiler-y and completely over PG-13
  1. Ryan Reynolds is a god among men
    This guy fought for over 10 years to get this shit show made and it was a glorious hour and 40 minutes
  2. The 8 year old in the front should not have been there
  3. Stan Lee's cameo was probably the best he has ever done
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  1. Percy Jackson
    This kid is sarcastic and idiotic and my hero. And I fall on my ass as much as him. I'm awkward around people I like aka how he was with Annabeth.
  2. America Singer
    Pretty much her hatred for dresses resonates with me on a spiritual level
  3. Simon Lewis
    Sarcastic best friend? ME
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