1. I walked into my job and out of it the same day
    it was hauntingly freeing
  2. I discovered what I was holding onto did not define me
    sometimes I get lost in comfort
  3. I found out a best friend is actually not a friend at all
    this was way harder than leaving my comfort zone
  4. I took my true best friendships to whole new levels
    I have surrounded myself with the best people on this planet
  5. I fell for someone unexpected
    and finally had the chance to
  6. I got a job in my dream industry
    it's terrifying and exhilarating
  7. I thought I finally got everything
    I didn't, I got a broken heart
  8. I had a very tough conversation
    it was a long time coming but that made it no easier
  9. I started treating my body better
    regular skin care and work outs
  10. I turned 27
    and celebrated with the best of people
  11. I finally started contributing to my 401k
    finally adulting
  12. I told myself to have faith
    I think I finally understand timing and have hope for it to align