1. Whistle
  2. Wink
  3. Bake homemade cookies
    Though I really only tried once
  4. Understand the fame of people like Kim Kardashian
  5. Take anyone seriously who is a fan of the aforementioned
  6. Believe my iPhone autocorrects Kardashian to be a proper name but still doesn't understand I'm writing fuck not duck
  7. Take naps
  8. Stop. And I won't stop.
  9. Watch movies where an animal dies
  10. Stand the taste of truffles
  11. Find my credit card
  12. Help being an Ed Sheeran fan girl
  13. Avoid doing some totally "basic" things
  14. Touch that
  15. Be around ignorant people
  16. Get behind the whole "queen bey" thing
  17. Even