Memorable Concerts I've Attended, Unranked 🎤

  1. Pearl Jam at The Gorge - George, WA - 2006
    This was a wedding present from my brother (by far the best wedding present we received!). It was an evening with Pearl Jam, so they played for 3 hours. A friend of the band made the set list, and it was nothing short of amazing. Plus, The Gorge is an incredibly beautiful place to see a concert.
  2. My Morning Jacket at The Palace - Louisville - Thanksgiving 2005
    MMJ's albums are good (sometimes really, really good), but their live performances are incredible. They're from Louisville, and it's always fun to see a band perform in front of their hometown crowd. A picturesque venue didn't hurt either. This was the first concert of theirs I've attended, and I've been hooked ever since.
  3. Foo Fighters, at ear X-tacy record store - Louisville - July 4, 2000
    This was a free acoustic concert held at a local record store. I think you were supposed to win tickets, but somehow we made it in without them 😬. I later read that there were 700 people there, but it felt like much less. They didn't have a set list - they just played requests that were yelled out by the audience. We were maybe 30 feet from Dave Grohl 😍🤘. He told 4th of July stories and let a 10 year old kid come up and rap "Back that ass up".
  4. Wilco at Iroquois Ampitheater - Louisville - May 9, 2015
    It was my birthday, we had great seats, and it was a beautiful, warm spring night. Jeff Tweedy even gave me a birthday shoutout (he got my name wrong- he called my Brian- but I forgive him 😉).
  5. Houndmouth at Headliners Music Hall - Louisville - Thanksgiving 2013
    Another hometown band. They were having so much fun on stage, you couldn't help but feed off their energy.
  6. Bumbershoot Music Festival - Seattle - Labor Day Weekend 2009
    I had a three day pass, but my husband ended up having to work one of the days and I couldn't find anyone else to go, so I went alone. I didn't plan anything ahead of time - just showed up and stuck mostly to the side stages. I saw a lot of great shows that day from bands I hadn't heard of previously. My favorites were Telekinesis, Natalie Portman's Shaved Head, Mayer Hawthorne, and Carrie Rodriguez. The rest of the weekend was pretty great, too.
  7. Sasquatch Music Festival at the Gorge- George, WA - Memorial Day Weekend 2010
    Saw a lot of great bands (Band of Horses, MGMT, Vampire Weekend, Miike Snow, Tegan & Sara), the most memorable were Pavement & My Morning Jacket. Pavement (who I was really looking forward to seeing) was terrible. The tension between the band members was palpable, and Stephen Malkmus stopped playing mid-song not once but twice 😳. MMJ, on the other hand, was awesome. A fellow concert goer said that if the drummer had opened his mouth during "Wordless Chorus", mountains would have spewed forth.