Stuff my kids say

  1. 5 year old: He has a face that makes you think he's up for anything. 😏
    Describing one of his new classmates.
  2. 5 year old: You're a pretty good looking girl. Me: Thank you! 5 year old: Yeah, you're really good at looking for things. 🙄
  3. 3 year old: Today I'm going to get sick so I can have some drugs. 🤒
  4. Snuck up behind him at a water park and overheard my 5 year old saying to a kid with a squirt gun:...she's the one carrying a baby.
    My son put a hit out on me! 😳🙊
  5. Me: Why don't you like pooping on the potty? 3 year old: Because Deda is always sitting on it. 😂
    Deda is what they call their Dad.
  6. 5 year old: I'm going to knock [1 year old brother]'s hands off!
    When practicing for his Christmas Program at school, his teacher told the class that if they do well, they'll knock their parents' socks off. Apparently he had higher expectations 😳