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  1. Say the word 'bagel'
  2. Accept compliments from old white me
  3. Drink around people I don't know
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  1. I'm going to these cities next week for a good ol fashioned road trip and I need some suggestions
    Places to visit, restaurants to eat at, drinks to drink, etc. Vegan options are ideal but not necessary.
  2. Minneapolis
    We'll be around Dinkytown. We won't be here for too long, but a good place to eat would be nice
  3. Madison
    Downtown here. I've never really spent time in Madison before, so anything and everything to do in a day please.
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  1. Avocado toast
    Topped with fresh lemon juice and a little cayenne pepper, this shit keeps me going for hours
  2. Scrambled eggs
    Full of cheese and chopped avocados of course. So good.
  3. Baked eggs in a nest
    But the nest is made from avocado halves. I really like avocados.
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Since its Valentine's Day tomorrow, here's some stuff that I love
  1. These two friends
    Karyn and Jamie are the lights of my life. My best friends and roommates that will go through thick and thin with me.
  2. Coffee
    And caffeine in general. I love drinking it and I love making it. I made this latte at my last place of employment before they closed. It was the only picture of my latte art I ever got.
  3. My comfy af bed
    I love sleep and I love sleeping in this particular spot. It's heavenly.
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  1. I probably have to learn ASL
    My nephew is two months old and hasn't passed any hearing tests so there's a high chance he's deaf, or at least significantly hearing impaired. I've never learned another language so I hope this isn't too hard.
  2. I have a pact with myself to stay alive
    I made myself a promos a while ago that any time I feel like I want to end my life I have to listen to this specific song, and I'm not allowed I think about dying while it's playing. If I still feel bad when the song is over I listen to it again, rinse and repeat.
  3. I'm pretty content with not having a romantic partner
    I like strong emotional bonds, but honestly I think I'll be alright without romance if I don't have any.
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  1. Is not a time for conversations
  2. Or dishes
  3. Or making soup and putting recycles away
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  1. Upside down Oxby
  2. That time me and Karyn met børns
  3. A bar in Las Vegas
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I'm not a hugger, but these ones made my life alright
  1. Patrick Stump
    I met him for the second time after a Fall Out Boy concert at the Myth. He was on vocal rest so he didn't say anything, but I said "thank you" a whole bunch and when we hugged he gave me a big squeeze. I think of this one a lot when I'm having a bad day. It's a good moment to remember.
  2. Matty Healy
    This was at the Myth too, after the 1975 performed. He was pretty messed up and looked tired as all hell, but just as he was finishing up singing tickets for people I asked if I could have a hug and of course he agreed. His jacket was really scratchy.
  3. Gerard Way
    This guy changed my life when I needed it most. My Chemical Romance helped me figure out how to grow up and be sad at the same time, so when I met him after a solo show in Minneapolis last year I just about cried. He signed my gas station receipt and let the hug happen. I ran down the block afterward smiling like a fool.
  4. Tyler Joseph
    This was at the Myth too; Minneapolis is a great place to meet great people I guess. I had the most amazing opportunity to thank him in person, and we actually had a small conversation about an incident that happened at the show earlier. He showed his care for his fans and it meant the absolute world to me. I will never forget this moment, it keeps me alive and happy.
  1. 1.
    Read more books
    I think I'm gonna shoot for two a month, and I want to write a review for each one
  2. 2.
    Be grateful for one thing every day
    Bare minimum one thing
  3. 3.
    See more bands than in 2015
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