1. I'm going to these cities next week for a good ol fashioned road trip and I need some suggestions
    Places to visit, restaurants to eat at, drinks to drink, etc. Vegan options are ideal but not necessary.
  2. Minneapolis
    We'll be around Dinkytown. We won't be here for too long, but a good place to eat would be nice
  3. Madison
    Downtown here. I've never really spent time in Madison before, so anything and everything to do in a day please.
  4. Milwaukee
    Last time we were in Milwaukee we found this great coffee shop called Rochambo. Anything similar or in the area for fun times?
  5. Chicago
    I go here often. We're staying in the loop and have a couple days to hang out here, so some adventures need to be had. Please please what are some good things to do that aren't in the "top ten Chicago tourist attractions" list??
  6. We're going to Jukebox the Ghost shows in each of these cities so if you're into that lets hangout or something