Christmas movies that I watched this weekend while sick but wrapping presents anyway

  1. Love Actually
    Clearly one of my favorites. I still cry every time Karen is listening to Joni Mitchell.
  2. Home Alone
    Reminds me of childhood, and also when I babysat my cousins every Christmas season for their parents to get their tree and we'd always watch it at least once.
  3. Holiday Inn
    It's considered a Christmas movie but let's be real, it just begins and ends on Christmas. It's a general holiday movie with some ehm offensive moments that they could get away with back then
  4. A Charlie Brown Christmas
    Another classic to remind us what Christmas is all about
  5. Yes, Virginia
    An adorable half hour show that I stumbled upon last Christmas on tv, and it brings back some of the magic of Christmas.
  6. Santa Claus is Coming to Town
    A classic claymation that I'll admit, I sing along to.