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  1. Social, Bangalore
  2. Arbor brewing company, bangalore
  3. Paddington sports bar, chennai
  4. Anand's bangalore place <3
  1. This app is ridiculously fun. The closest I've come to having a virtual bullet journal.
somewhere to keep track. goodreads too cumbersome for moi
  1. Tools of Titans, Tim Ferriss
    What an amazing, practical book!
  2. The eyre affair (Thursday next series)
lil bits for better mental health
  1. Venus Williams does a twirl after reaching aus open '17 finals
  2. Aunty's ginger tea
  3. Check out @swami2005's Tweet: https://twitter.com/swami2005/status/829521699230121984?s=09 Hedgehod eating candy.