1. samantha micelli (who's the boss). this list needed to start with her as she served as my idol during my formative years. a tomboy from Brooklyn that rejected ideas of intimidation, need i say more?
  2. elaine benes (seinfeld). a quick witted, smart and sexy woman who unapologetically adopted a liberal view around sex and relationships. the character of elaine was comforting to watch, as she comically navigated through the world, aware of how disappointing life could be sometimes.
  3. sloan sabbith (the newsroom). if i ever see aaron sorkin on the street, i just want to high five him for the lines and dialogue he wrote for this character to deliver. full page sloan sabbith ads need to be in all teeny bop magazines, for young girls to idolize.
  4. olivia pope (scandal). yo. this chick stays hydrated with wine, wears white like i wear sweatpants, runs the west wing and gets to sleep with POTUS. even straight, alpha males everywhere want to be olivia pope.