Inspired by @lexie_elyse // having trouble remembering anything earlier which is weird because I have really vivid memories from when I was about 3🤔
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    Madeleine McCann's disappearance
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    This happened when I was 9
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    I remember when it was first reported and my friends and I were talking about it at school
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    I started reading newspapers because I wanted to know more about it
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    There was so much news coverage and pictures of the hotel that it build up the scene in my mind and really stuck with me. How could someone do that?
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    I remember a year after it happened and she still hadn't been found, thinking how horrible this must be for her parents, if she could still be alive
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    I was talking about it again after what happened to the gorilla because the child went into the enclosure. A group of us were discussing whether it was the mum's fault for not paying attention
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    Then someone mentioned Madeleine McCann's parents leaving her alone in the room and it made me think about how she's still not been found
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    Everyone else's life just goes on and we forget, while her parents will have to live with the guilt and never knowing what happened to their child. I can't imagine how awful that'd be😔