Things I'm into this month: July

  1. MUSIC:
  2. The 1975
    Obsession renewed after their T in the Park performance. Favourites just now include: She's American, A Change of Heart, Heart Out and This Must Be My Dream
  3. BOOKS:
  4. The Girl on the Train
    Didn't expect this to be so good! Thought I didn't like where it was going but it ended amazingly! It's just such a good story, I was able to sit for hours at a time reading which I haven't been able to do with the other books I've read recently
  5. TV:
  6. Gilmore Girls
    Rewatched all 7 seasons within a few weeks. Love this show! Can't wait for the revival
  7. Stranger Things
    So easy to binge watch this show, so good!! Watched the whole season in a day a couple of weeks ago. Love the 80s feel of it, the friendship between the main characters and, obviously, ELEVEN AND WINONA! 💯
  8. Zoo
    This show needs more recognition. Good plot, good cast, definitely passes the bechdel test with its two strong female characters who's conversations haven't ever focussed on a man: along with the other three male characters their focus is more on trying to find a cure for a mutation that is affecting the behaviour of animals. The second season has recently started and it's just got even better! It's a bit cheesy but in a good way and I'm still shocked by some of the twists