Competing to become my best friend. Boyfriends are overrated.
  1. To even get into the house, you have to give me a decent pun.
  2. Instead of roses, I'd hand out mix tapes of songs that remind me of our friendship so far.
  3. Date 1- who can best quote The Office, Parks and Rec, My Cousin Vinny, or an equally appropriate/humorous tv/movie.
  4. Date 2- who can stick through a Netflix binge the longest. If you do not join in while I sing the theme song you are out of the running.
  5. Date 3- karaoke night. Winner of the night goes to the person that picks the best song. If you pick "No Scrubs," or any Will Smith song, you win the competition.
  6. Date 4- Sass off
  7. Finale Date- Shopping Marathon. Only true friends can shop together and give honest, yet kind, feedback. I would purposefully pick shitty outfits and ask for advice.
  8. Other competitions: who has the best Spotify playlist, best most recently watched shows on Netflix, and who has similar game of thrones and walking dead theories.