Celebrating anniversary #4 ❤️
  1. Uni toast
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    In my dream world, every restaurant would have this as its free bread... SO GOOD. Very subtle uni taste, but I'm not sure if I would've liked it stronger
  2. Japanese scallop
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    These melt in your mouth, absolutely delicious
  3. Foie gras terrine
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    I loved the spice bread, the persimmons, and the kale, but I did not like the foie gras in terrine form (and I usually like foie gras in its normal form)
  4. Octopus
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    The light octopus pieces are the BEST.
  5. Egg yolk gnocchi
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    Amazing. Explosion of delicious yolk in every bite.
  6. Lobster
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    Filling and delicious dish. The crispy rice transforms the texture from average to great
  7. Apple
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    My favorite of the desserts. Wasn't a fan of the salted caramel base though
  8. Chocolate
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    Least favorite. Not a fan of the sour passionfruit curd with the chocolate