1. And I thought LA traffic was bad...
  2. Why are there trash bags everywhere?
  3. Lots of honking... Feels aggressive
  4. That firm's sign looks like a sign for a strip club
    Is that Comic Sans font?
  5. Where is this Starbucks*?
    *Referring to a Starbucks that I had already placed an order to via the app
  6. Oh I found it!
    Nope, wrong Starbucks
  7. I will persevere and find the right Starbucks
    Even though I have been searching for 15 minutes
  8. Oh found it finally!
    It was right next to my hotel (at the other entrance I had yet to encounter)
  9. You're out of coffee?? But I placed an order on the app already
    And you're Starbucks. How are you out of coffee?
  10. Oh, you have my drink ready? I must've been the lucky one to get the last of it!
    Nope, they gave me hot chocolate instead...
  11. I wonder if the speed I go through revolving doors reveals a severe lack of arm strength
  12. The smell of smoke... Everywhere
    From cigarettes and from food stands, which are also everywhere
  13. Horses at Central Park! Accents from the people riding them!
    This really excited me
  14. Omg is this where Serena and Dan were walking that one time when little girls came up to them and said things like, "I'm team Serena"?
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  15. Butter!!
    Another Gossip Girl reference
  16. If I had more time, I would totally go on a Gossip Girl tour
    They have those, right?
  17. Pedestrians act as if they are the cars and the cars are the pedestrians
    I like it (but would hate it as a driver)
  18. The numbered streets and their structured layout makes navigating so easy
    Let's disregard the Starbucks experience