I'm behind the times
  1. Virtually no comedic relief
    Freddy and Frank's relationship is the closest thing I've found, and that only shows me that Frank isn't a complete monster
  2. It's weird that Frank talks directly to the audience
    I know it's supposed to mimic a book where you know the character's thoughts, but I could do without
  3. This president is so good-looking
    Comparing him to the president on Scandal. Sorry Fitz
  4. Very little violence
    Love this aspect, especially when most of my shows have a ton of violence
  5. I'm very interested in people's relationships, but not so much the actual politics
    Are Stamper and Rachel going to date? Can Claire just leave Frank for the photographer? Is Frank going to go rafting with his college buddy that I'm pretty sure he had a fling with?
  6. Frank is like Lucious from Empire
    Though I think if they were ever rivals, Lucious would just kill Frank, and that would be the end
  7. It's a little boring that Frank seems to get whatever he wants
    Especially since I view Frank as evil