At home or on vacation, Whole Foods has a great variety of food and a somewhat small variety of customers (including me).
  1. Person reading the ingredients carefully and thoughtfully, but maybe blocking the shelf for awhile.
  2. Person who looks like they hike a LOT and moves faster than everyone else in the store.
  3. Person who just finished or is about to go work out and has a big electrolyte water and energy bar.
  4. Person who is only there to try the free samples and make contemplative faces while chewing them. "Ooh, this IS good hummus!"
  5. Person who may either be a wizard or an art teacher.
  6. Person who leaves their cart of groceries in the middle of the aisle and wanders around without it.
  7. Person who has to push their cart right on your heels even though you're trying to navigate the produce area quickly.
  8. Person who is shopping at Whole Foods but can't believe how expensive everything is.
  9. Person eating while they make a salad at the salad bar or while they buy bulk nuts/dried fruits.