This week on Spotify!

These are the last 5 artists I've listened to on Spotify.
  1. The 1975
    I've been listening to these guys since their Sex EP. I love the great mixture of 80s era pop with a modern flair. Their newest album "I Like It When You Sleep, For You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware Of It" is absolutely incredible! Plus my fiancé has a crush on the singer.
  2. Relient K
    Got to have this band on my playlist! Their Mmhmm album was my jam as a kid and has some of my favorite lyrics to this day.
  3. Plug In Stereo
    My fiancé introduced me to this. I'm learning a cover of Oh Darling so I can play it for her.
  4. Beck
    I've always known about Beck but never really listened to his stuff, other than Loser, until recently. Then I thought to myself, "Why the hell haven't I listened to him before?!"
  5. Goldfinger
    This takes me back to playing Tony Hawks Pro Skater on my Nintendo 64! Since I was never really allowed to listen to that kind of music growing up, that game introduced me to punk rock and Goldfinger was the first punk band I listened to.