I just spent a month and a half there so the enthusiasm is fresh 😁
  1. Grapes. Big fat juicy seedless ones that cost the price of your first born.
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  2. Trees. Especially the mossy ones in Yakushima's Princess Mononoke forest.
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  3. Currency. Particularly fond of 500 yen coins.
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  4. Sushi, obvi. And ramen...
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  5. Honor. Bike parked unlocked no problem.
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  6. Karaoke. Especially singing "Imagine" with drunk salarymen.
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  7. Learning that what we call "sake" is actually Nihonshu and sake just means liquor.
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  8. Japanese kids. They're the cutest.
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  9. Fried everything. Everything.
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  10. Onsens.
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  11. Illustrated signs.
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  12. View from Mori Art Museum.
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  13. Trains.
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  14. Scotch.
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  15. Graciousness.
  16. Shrines and temples.
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    There's a shrine at Haneda airport.
  17. Islands.
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  18. Pervi weirdness.
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    Let's pretend this beer is your urine, okay yay!
  19. Haneda airport.
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    I hate airports. They're overwhelming and not in a good way. Haneda is not. It's the best.
  20. Fancy washlets/toilets
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    This+book = joy
  21. Hanabi (fireworks).
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  22. Autumn.
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  23. Wet towels at every restaurant.
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    Especially when they're steamy. Right on the face, instant facial.