I just spent a month and a half there so the enthusiasm is fresh 😁
  1. Grapes. Big fat juicy seedless ones that cost the price of your first born.
  2. Trees. Especially the mossy ones in Yakushima's Princess Mononoke forest.
  3. Currency. Particularly fond of 500 yen coins.
  4. Sushi, obvi. And ramen...
  5. Honor. Bike parked unlocked no problem.
  6. Karaoke. Especially singing "Imagine" with drunk salarymen.
  7. Learning that what we call "sake" is actually Nihonshu and sake just means liquor.
  8. Japanese kids. They're the cutest.
  9. Fried everything. Everything.
  10. Onsens.
  11. Illustrated signs.
  12. View from Mori Art Museum.
  13. Trains.
  14. Scotch.
  15. Graciousness.
  16. Shrines and temples.
    There's a shrine at Haneda airport.
  17. Islands.
  18. Pervi weirdness.
    Let's pretend this beer is your urine, okay yay!
  19. Haneda airport.
    I hate airports. They're overwhelming and not in a good way. Haneda is not. It's the best.
  20. Fancy washlets/toilets
    This+book = joy
  21. Hanabi (fireworks).
  22. Autumn.
  23. Wet towels at every restaurant.
    Especially when they're steamy. Right on the face, instant facial.