Holiday party season is on its way. Here are several great tips to add life to any suare.
  1. Slip n' Stick n' Slide n' Stick
    Whammo 'Slip N' Slide' coated with Karo Syrup and rubbing alcohol - alternately every 24 inches.
  2. A 'Black Eyed Peas' pinata that's full of leaky Axe Body Spray samples. Surprise!
  3. Six-choice 'Chowder Bar'
    (summer outdoor parties only)
  4. Diaperless toddlers with 2 liter sippy cups.
  5. Jello shots made solely out of unflavored gelatin, no booze.
  6. Icebreaker--everyone describes their favorite movie rape scene. Party divides into Dragon Tattoo vs. the Accused, except for one girl, who weeps silently on the porch.
  7. Super racist jokes randomly told by member of said race.
  8. Poetry Slam!
    No seriously, you may get beaten with a copy of 'Leaves of Grass'.
  9. Supercut loop of hospital scenes from 'Terms of Endearment'...volume up REALLY loud.