Walking around the state fair I couldn't help but compile a list of the least appetizing options. Now someone needs to put these on pieces of paper and create a eat as you go dare game out of this...
  1. Crispy Creme Burger
  2. Captain Crunch Shrimp on a Stick
  3. Lobster Dog
  4. Fried Koolaid
  5. Donut Skewers
  6. Giant Bacon Wrapped Foot Long Hotdog
  7. Giant Bacon Wrapped Turkey Leg
  8. Fried Pop Tart
  9. Fried Ravoli
  10. Giant 1/2 lb Hot Daddy Sausage
  11. Mac and Cheese Burger
  12. Monster Fry Brick
  13. Deep Fried Mashes Potato Balls
  14. Dogzilla