1. Will my lists ever exceed 1 favorite?
  2. Are my lists funny/poignant/topical/smart/interesting enough?
  3. What if @mindy or @bjnovak or @lenadunham read my lists and don't like them?
  4. What if @mindy or @bjnovak or @lenadunham read my lists and like them and I gain some sort of notoriety and get lots of attention and can't handle it?
  5. Am I cool enough to be part of the List App Mafia?
  6. Will List App Mafia ever catch on?
  7. Will @lenadunham ever respond to my comments?
  8. Will anyone?
  9. Is anyone reading this?
  10. Shit this list is definitely not as funny as I thought it would be
  11. Am I as funny as I think I am?
  12. This is getting a little too real
  13. Wait anyone can read this right?
  14. Maybe I should just stick to reading lists.