This isn't my favorite holiday, but it is my least favorite holiday.
  1. Hello Kitty
    Black t-shirt, red tutu, Hello Kitty ears, converse.
  2. New Year's Eve
    Part of the group costume "holidays" which also included such gems as 4/20 and Flag Day. Gold lame skirt, black lace crop top, black heels, gold feathery tiara, 2011 glasses. Both my least comfortable costume and the one I'm most embarrassed to see pictures of.
  3. McDonald's
    Jean shorts, McDonald's t-shirt, converse.
  4. Cat
    Black t-shirt, black jeans, ears, converse.
  5. Cop
    Black jean shorts, a t-shirt that read "this is my slutty cop costume", converse.
  6. Cat in the Hat
    See Hello Kitty, swap ears for striped hat, converse.
  7. Cat
    Black jean shorts, white shirt with picture of a cat on it, cat ears, converse.
  8. Hobo
    Black leggings, red and black flannel shirt, beanie, sign around neck (need $$$ for pizza), converse. Offensive and highly insensitive, but my best costume ever, comfort-wise.
  9. Woody
    Jean shorts, Woody shirt, flannel, converse. Friend was Buzz.
  10. Cat
    Black t-shirt, black leggings, ears, converse.
  11. SpongeBob
    Brown shorts, spongebob t-shirt, knee high socks, converse.
  12. One Direction fan
    One Direction t-shirt, One Direction boxers, One Direction headband, One Direction tattoos, One Direction balloon, converse.
  13. One Direction fan/Burrito hybrid
    See above costume, add a tin foil belt and hat. Result of a drunken misunderstanding of the qualifications for a $3 burrito at Chipotle.