1. I was a child mime. (So pity, basically)
  2. I can spell.
  3. I just stepped in a big puddle of SASSY.
  4. I have many rare and fascinating diseases. (So more pity)
  5. A bagpiping standard was written for me as a baby which you can hear on records around the world. (Could be more pity, depending on your feelings)
  6. I'm non-judgmental. Unless you are voting for Trump.
  7. I used to write comedy. Now I write songs. And lists.
  8. I like taking pictures of garbage cans that impress me. I will list and rank them soon. (Something to look forward to!)
  9. I have several titanium parts in my body. One of them in my skull because I had brain surgery twice.
  10. I grew up in the 80's, went to college in the 90's, had a band in the 00's. (Totally related)
  11. I'm nice.
  12. ME!