Children's Books For a Kinder World

(No pun intended). "Because No Act of Kindness is ever Wasted" ~ Aesop
  1. Albert the Fix-it Man by Janet Lord
    A cheerful repairman fixes everything for his neighbors, who return the favor when he catches a terrible cold.
  2. All For Me and None For All by Helen Lester
    Gruntley is a real hog, and other animals are tired of his greediness. When he gets mixed up on a treasure hunt and is the last to reach the prize, Gruntly begins to realize the importance of kindness and sharing.
  3. Andy & the Lion by James Daugherty
    Andy meets a lion on his way home from school and wins his friendship for life by removing a thorn from his paw.
  4. Because of You by B.G. Hennessy
    This story tells how every single person helps make the world a kinder more peaceful place.
  5. Bucket Filling From A to Z by Carol McCloud
    Introduces different activities and mindsets that display kindness and love using letters of the alphabet to "fill" the buckets.
  6. Cara's Kindness by Kristi Yamaguchi
    Cara drops everything to help a friend and in return asks her to pay it forward.
  7. Dinner That Cooked Itself by J.C. Hsyu and Kenard Pak
    In this retelling of a Chinese folktale, a hard-working man is rewarded for his kindness.
  8. Each Kindness by Jaqueline Woodson
    When Mrs. Albert teaches a lesson on kindness, Chloe realizes she and her friends have been wrong in making fun of a new student.
  9. The Fairiest Fairy by Anne Booth
    Betty is so busy helping others she hasn't time to practice all the things a fairy should. When it comes time for the Fairy Ball, Betty's friends return her gifts of kindness and it becomes clear who is actually the fairiest of them all.
  10. Fly Free by Roseanne Thong
    When Mia feeds the caged birds at the Buddhist temple in Vietnam her simple act of kindness starts a chain of thoughtful acts that ultimately comes back to her.
  11. Fox's Garden by Princesse Camcam
    An act of tender compassion is given and repaid in secret during an icy winter night.
  12. Franklin and the Radio
    Franklin follows his heart and realizes that the radio makes Fox happier than him. Wonderful lessons on kindness, integrity and fairness.
  13. Have You Filled a Bucket Today by Carol McCloud
    This book encourages positive behavior as children see how easy and rewarding it is to express kindness, appreciation, and love on a daily basis.
  14. The Hide-and-Scare Bear by Ivan Bates
    Mischievous bear learns about kindness and friendship from a brave rabbit.
  15. If You Plant a Seed by Kadir Nelson
    While planting seeds in the garden, two animals learn the value of kindness.
  16. The Kindness Quilt by Nancy Wallace
    Minna does a lot of thinking about her project to do something kind, make a picture about what she did, and share it with her classmates, but finally comes up with an idea that spreads to the whole school.
  17. Last Stop on Market Street by Matt de la Pena
    A young boy decides to ride the bus across town with his grandmother and learns to appreciate the beauty in everyday things.
  18. Paulie Pastrami Achieves World Peace by James Proimos
    Seven-year-old Paulie, an ordinary boy, brings peace to his home and school through small acts of kindness, but needs help to achieve his goal of world peace.
  19. Tucky Jo and Little Heart by Patricia Polacco
    A fifteen-year-old soldier in World War II meets a sweet young girl in the Philippines who helps him remember what he is fighting for as he helps her and others of her village avoid starvation, and many years later she returns his favor.
  20. The Three Questions by Jon Muth
    Nikolai asks his animal friends to help him answer three important questions: "When is the best time to do things?" "Who is the most important?" and "What is the right thing to do?"