Reasons to Visit the Library on a Cold, Cold Winter's Day

  1. Library cards work just fine even when they're frozen solid.
  2. It's warm and toasty in here! And we have comfy chairs.
  3. We have plenty of travel guides for Florida and California.
  4. You can bring your coffee in with you!
  5. If you're stuck in your house with toddlers any longer, you may go insane.
  6. If it snows this weekend, you're going to want a big stack of books to read.
  7. If it snows this weekend you're also going to want a stack of DVDs to watch. Early bird gets the best selection!
  8. Two words: soup cookbooks.
  9. Winter is a great time to look into your genealogy with the library's on-site only Ancestry Library Edition subscription.
  10. Library programs aren't just for readers! Join a knitting group, a seed swap, or spend an evening coloring.