Also could be called "Why I am glad I was in a happy place when I watched this movie"
  1. "Kenny said, 'some people have these things happen to them and they can't get over it and I think those people deserve a movie too'" - Matt Damon
  2. That scene in the police station
  3. Clocking in at one hundred and sixty minutes, with a plot I could describe in two sentences, and yet not one moment that felt like filler
    MASTERFUL is an understatement
  4. Despite how devastating the film was, it was also so beautiful - I almost wanted to live in Manchester-by-the-sea
    Almost - if I could commute to it from midtown Manhattan in under ten minutes
  5. Nothing about the milieu of the film resonated with me, and yet I felt deeply connected to every moment
  6. The music. Lemme say that again, the music.
  7. Breathtaking non-linearity of screenwriting - without one subtitle explaining anything - just sensationally interwoven
  8. Lucas Hedges
    Especially with...
  9. Casey Affleck - of the one hundred and sixty minutes of screen time, he was probably on for one hundred fifty five. He had the opportunity to overact for one hundred fifty (at least). But he turned in just a stunningly understated performance
  10. Four scenes on Claudia Marie: three with Kyle Chandler, one without. All brilliant.
  11. ☝️👆Those are ten, and I haven't even mentioned the scene that probably got Michelle Williams her Oscar nomination
    (partly because Affleck makes her look like scenery with his brilliance here)
  12. But seriously, it's both awesome and tragic to hear that a film this fantastic almost didn't get made. So 'm very glad it did, and I'm glad that it made $72MM, so that more such movies can be allowed to breathe. But I wish it didn't have to, to justify itself.
  13. Also seriously...
  14. And just because...