Hypocrisy, thy name is SyriaReactionsFromRepublicans

GOP reactions to Chemical Warfare somehow differ depending on who the POTUS at the time is (aka Thank God Twitter existed in 2013)
  1. Jason Chaffetz
  2. Pete Olson
  3. Orrin Hatch
  4. Robert Aderholt
  5. Marsha Blackburn
  6. Ted Poe
  7. Larry Bucshon
  8. Cory Gardner
  9. Diane Black
  10. The Inimitably Pathetic Paul Ryan
  11. What about the big Kahuna?
  12. Oh, but that was just one odd day, right?
    Is that gunpowder? Cocaine? Snow? Anyways...
  13. He definitely thinks we should inform Syria (via Russia), to avoid an escalation, doesn't he?
    Spelling is hard, okay? And he wasn't planning to BE a politiTian, why would he learn how to spell it?
  14. So how does he really feel about attacking Syria then?
  15. Okay, so in his own words, Syria has crossed many, many lines, and that matters, right?
  16. By announcing that the US was weighing actions, he thinks that's the sensible approach, except...
  17. So the US attacked, and there were at least 5 casualties (2 civilian) - that is inevitable right?
  18. Of course he didn't get congressional approval but that's understandable right?
  19. Okay, there's more...
  20. And more...
  21. And more...
  22. And more...
  23. And more...
  24. Of course, if you DID attack Syria, the best idea would be to do this from his golf resort in Mar-a-Lago, correct?
  25. In case none of this was clear, let him just say it simply, without his characteristic nuance and subtlety...
  26. Okay, got it, but say, hypothetically, you were to go attack Syria, what would a good reason be?
  27. End scene.