1. Podcast live shows
    To each their own, but three quick thoughts: 1) Acoustics - sound is severely compromised; 2) Lack of intimacy, distracted focus, weird cuts; 3) LITERALLY faces for radio
  2. CNN pundits
    Any/all of them; of all political leanings, from Fareed Zakaria to Kaley Mckindnhcdbufdyb, and from Jeffrey Lord to Van Jones - yuck, ugh, thoo
  3. Contextual autocorrect on iOS
    It's nearly ALWAYS wrong. I meant "wrote", not "write", and let me finish my sentence before you judge the tense in my voice. Whilst we're at it, sometimes "well" is NOT "we'll"
  4. Cuck
    The word. I know its root, but it just sounds like a portmanteau of cunt and fuck and is very displeasing to my ears. Like selfie. Or bae. If you have to make up words, make them sound nice.
  5. Spoilery Veep targeted tweets - even if they're pretty fantastic.
    The bald head is quite something
  6. People interfacing with inanimate things
    Sorry, it's weird. Like you can water your house plant, but maybe don't dance with it. Or stare down a State Street product placement.
  7. Goa Taco
    Neither Goa nor Taco. Super disappointing. Taco Mahal wins by a mile.