Random Thoughts and Questions 🏃‍♀️📝

Ripped off from @Nicholas - likely not nearly as interesting
  1. Is Steve Bannon's facial condition due to drinking, and why doesn't he spend any of his money to fix it?
    I just think cartoon villains would be much more effective if they didn't LOOK like cartoon villains!
  2. Did Benjamin Novak secretly start the Li.st app for the same reason Zuckerberg started thefacebook?
    General wonderment based on lightly stalking his activities
  3. What does http://twitter.com/burnedyourtweet 's awesome apparatus get used for when DJT isn't tweeting?
  4. If only Snowden had chosen a different journalist, the world would be spared the smug superiority Glenn Greenwald's obnoxious Twitter feed oozes on an everyday basis.
  5. Would that I could envelop my life in the aesthetic of a Tom Ford film
    So angular and precise
  6. Whenever I see someone for the first time after having heard them for a long time, they NEVER look like what I pictured in my head.
    'M thinking everyone at NPR, and everyone I've ever worked remotely with.
  7. They asked