There are some obvious performance updates that likely have higher priority for the @list team, but it would be cool to be able to...
  1. Like individual updates to lists
    For instance, when @bjnovak says he likes the Flatiron Building, and I want to endorse that love without a geeky comment, especially if I've liked the list already
  2. Strike through items on a list
    Can just be support for font decorations
  3. Search within lists or compound searches or metadata searches
    For instance - by:@Nicholas containing:gifs OR by:@jeremysomething "New York" OR gender:male location:houston OR once 'm in a long bucket list, jump to the item containing "nicotine gum". Why is nicotine gum on someone's bucket list? Maybe the item was "start smoking, get addicted to nicotine, then kick the habit with nicotine gum".
  4. Have better list surfacing/discovery
    Currently I only see lists from people I follow or their activities on other lists. Would be cool if my own activities on list could help surface lists I might be into.