Here's a secret to good handwriting: use a fountain pen. Everyone's handwriting will improve with a fountain pen. Emails just don't cut it when sending letters to lovers. Use a pen and paper!
  1. Pelikan Souverän M800
    A traditional-looking, large, quality German pen. A piston-filler mechanism giving it a large ink reserve, with a window to indicate the ink level.
  2. Lamy 2000
    A design classic from the 1960s in Germany. A large ink reserve, with an ink window so one can tell if the ink is running out.
  3. Pilot "Capless"/"Vanishing point"
    A retractable fountain pen, making it especially practical. Acts like a ballpoint, writes like a Japanese fountain pen. Works with both ink cartridges and bottled-ink converter (though quite a small ink reservoir).
  4. Pilot Custom #74
    A large, well made, Japanese fountain pens. Can be used with ink cartridges or a bottled ink converter.
  5. Sailor 1911 Realo
    A very classic looking piston-filled fountain pen made by Sailor of Japan. Not overly large, but a decent size.