1. Become a more sustainable musician
  2. Visit someplace outside the U.S.
    Japan or maybe Argentina, maybe Montreal?
  3. Apply to school for a degree in music
  4. Play on 3 or more recordings that will be released this year.
    1.SOLO ALBUM of Between 5-8 original songs consisting of AA playing guitar, bass, keys, and SINGING. Tralalalala mothafuckas! 2. As a sideman contributing guitar work to songs and projects I'm not the driving force in. 3. Document the projects I'm apart of this year.
  5. Grow my list of students
    Taking on private students in addition to GC.
  6. Visit my grandparents independent of a coordinated family trip
    There's so much wisdom to be gained from people who may not be around for ever.
  7. Continue habits I've had success with in 2015
    Exercise, sight reading, and cooking meals in advance. All game changers in 2015, 2016 should be a repeat but with growth in each area.