100 YEARS OF LI.ST (1942) 🕰

Inspired by @jakebrandman and his most awesome idea
  1. What can you do to help the war effort?
    You don't have to be a soldier to be a hero! Cue the amazing World War II propaganda!
  2. Buy war bonds
    Do your part!
  3. And more war bonds
    War is expensive!
  4. Carpool to save gas
    Don't let them win!
  5. Grow your own Victory Garden
    Food is a weapon... And our boys need all they can get!
  6. Participate in Rationing... Happily!
    It's the least you could do!
  7. Get to work.
    You cant be lazy when the boys are fighting
  8. Women too!
    It's your duty!
  9. Enlist today
    Make your lady proud!
  10. Join the Women's Corp
    War is not just for the men anymore!
  11. Be a nurse
    Our soldiers need you!
  12. Participate in the blackouts
    Do you live on the coast? Don't let those submarines spot you!
  13. Give to the USO
  14. And remember loose lips...
  15. Sink ships!