Inspired by @shanaz I love this fun little exercise!
  1. Here's my bag
    It's a work day. This is my work bag. It's perfect because there is a laptop pocket in there.
  2. Said laptop
    Work issued. Super old and slow
  3. Wireless mouse
    When working I hate the little mouse pad on this computer.
  4. My wallet
    I don't love it but it gets the job done
  5. My work phone
    I teach virtual school. My kiddos have to be able to reach me when they need me. LVS = Lee Virtual School. We are the surfers. Get it? 😜
  6. My phone
    Which I am using now for these pics and this list
  7. Earbuds and phone charger
  8. My keys
    There are more loyalty tags than keys on this bad boy.
  9. Notebooks
    Contains notes from faculty meetings and conversations with students. Riveting not stuff I tell ya.
  10. Folders
    Teacher guides for such classes as AP Psychology, AP US History, and US History.
  11. This pouch
    Holds my computer charger and phone charger and mouse in it
  12. Flash drives
    Just a few.
  13. Lip stuff, Chapstick, nail file, lady stuff
  14. Just a few writing utensils
    Anyone need a pen?
  15. Ummmmm
    Coffee stir sticks and a spoon. Because you never know?
  16. Receipts and change
    There are even more in my wallet that I didn't get out
  17. Tea
    Decaffeinated not by choice. Pregnancy and nursing forces a lower intake of the caffeinated variety.
  18. Gum lotion and sanitizer
  19. Post its
  20. Box tops
    Just doing my part to earn $$$ for the school.