My mind processing what I've just discovered.
  1. Could be cool
    Bj Novak started this? I love the office and Mindy Kaling is my spirit animal...
  2. Let's give this a shot
    Downloading app...
  3. What have I stumbled upon??
    Set up account, let's explore. Look at all of these celebrities. Celebrities who are actually interesting. Follow this guy and this girl and this one. Wow weird al is really funny (duh)!
  4. This list is amazing; so is this one; I could have written this one!
    Falling further down the rabbit hole...
  5. Wait how has an hour already passed
    One lister leads to the next to the next to the next. I'm hooked
  6. I'm in love
    List app is now my new favorite obsession and the greatest thing I've found in a very long time
  7. Should I post a list?
    Maybe I should post something. What do I actually have to say? Nothing really and I have no followers. Oh well. I'm diving in!