There are a lot of text editors available out there. Here are some of the good ones.
  1. GNU emacs
    GNU Emacs is one of the oldest free text editors available. Though there are tons of functionalities available in it but it becomes overwhelming for users at the beginning but with time one can turn these very functionalities into something very useful. There are tons of packages available for it at MELPA & ELPA repositories. Link -
  2. Visual studio code
    Don't confuse it with the visual studio IDE , because that's totally different stuff. Visual studio code is a free & open source code editor which has tons of extensions to almost every mordern language as well as many features necessary for mobile and Web development and much beyond that. Link-
  3. Sublime text
    Perhaps this is one of the most popular text editors because of the several features it has which many other text editors don't but another great thing about sublime text is that it has simplicity which other text editors don't have. Link-
  4. Notepad ++
    By looking at its 28 million + downloads one will assume that that it's a great text editor and as it turns out that it really is a great editor. It's free & it's open source and developers just love it. It's source code is hosted on github. Link-
  5. Atom
    Perhaps this is the most hackable text editor ever developed . It has several features like built in package manager, and you can also create your own packages in it. There are many other things in it to customise it according to your own usage.